NVIDIA releases Jetson AGX Xavier industrial-grade modules designed for demanding customers

The new rugged and durable module brings AI into the harsh environment where safety is highly regarded

From factories and farms to oil refineries and construction sites, there is no shortage of hot, poor sanitary, noisy, and potentially dangerous locations around the world, but these locations are critical to maintaining industrial operations.

These locations need to be inspected and maintained during daily operations, but in view of safety issues and working conditions, it is not the best choice for humans to complete these tasks.

Robots and automation technology are increasingly used in manufacturing, agriculture, construction, energy, government, and other industries. At the same time, many companies have been working to make demanding applications also benefit from AI and deep learning.

In some harsh environments, safety and reliability are of the utmost importance, and through the new NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier industrial-grade modules, NVIDIA makes it possible to deploy edge AI in these environments.

Jetson AGX Xavier industrial-grade module

This new industrial-grade module expands the capabilities of the Jetson AGX Xavier system-level module, enabling developers to build advanced, AI-supported rugged systems. Jetson AGX Xavier industrial-grade modules are designed for intelligent video analysis, optical inspection, robotics, computer vision, autonomous operation, and AI in harsh environments.

The module adopts a compact and energy-saving design and can reliably provide AI performance of 30 TOPS per second. Based on components that have undergone rigorous industry-standard testing and new features in functional safety, it can withstand severe shocks and vibrations, as well as extreme temperature ranges. In addition, it is compatible with existing Jetson AGX Xavier modules in terms of pins, software, and appearance, so it is easy to upgrade.

Built for the most demanding industrial use cases

Jetson AGX Xavier industrial-grade modules are designed for industrial, aerospace, defense, construction, agriculture, logistics, inventory management, delivery, inspection, and medical applications, including worker and site safety, site access control and monitoring, and dangerous and strict Inspections in harsh environments, etc.

In the oil and gas industry, Jetson AGX Xavier industrial-grade modules simplify the prediction of anomalies and failures at the edge by providing real-time insights based on monitoring or inspection of pipelines, valves, equipment, and maintenance work. The extended reliability of the module allows it to be used for safety, predictive maintenance, and compliance, as well as equipment that always keeps running under changing environmental conditions.

In the automobile manufacturing industry, a factory that produces more than 1,000 cars per day needs to inspect more than 6 million solder joints in real-time. Factories can use the AI ​​and computer vision of the Jetson AGX Xavier industrial-grade module to directly analyze the process and quality data from the welding torch, thereby reducing inspection time, improving quality prediction, and ultimately providing consumers with safer cars.

Another example is shown on GTC21. AI die-casting process abnormality detection can predict product quality in advance, avoid up to 30% of subsequent process costs, and reduce up to 40% of defect rates, thereby improving process efficiency and safety, and then Improve productivity and return on investment.

Similarly, heavy equipment used on construction sites must operate reliably in all weather conditions. Farms need to use tractors to carry fertilizer and herbicide sprayers and to harvest thousands of acres of crops on various terrains. Unmanned aerial vehicles and drones may experience extreme shocks and vibrations when flying in harsh environments. Ultrasound and patient monitors at the point of care need to operate continuously and stably for a long time.

Jetson AGX Xavier industrial-grade modules can provide all these machines with the necessary functions for autonomous operation.

Designed for reliability and safety

The Jetson AGX Xavier industrial-grade module combines the supercomputing capabilities of the Jetson AGX Xavier system-level module with the new reliability, availability, and maintainability features required to deploy AI in harsh environments, including error correction codes and single error Error (SEC), double error detection (DED) and parity check protection can realize internal RAM flexibility, address and data bus error detection and correction, and IP flexibility required by industrial applications.

Jetson AGX Xavier industrial-grade modules are equipped with 512-core NVIDIA Volta GPUs, with 64 Tensor Cores, two NVIDIA deep learning accelerators, two vision accelerators, an 8-core NVIDIA Carmel Arm CPU, an encoder and decoder, etc. The new SCE includes dual Arm Cortex-R5 processors that can be used to integrate fault detection mechanisms, lock-step subsystems, and support built-in system testing. Cortex-R5 is in the always-on domain and can be used for security and error correction functions.

It also includes hardware-verified secure boot, hardware-accelerated encryption, encrypted storage support, memory, and other security features to protect client software.

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Easily build and manage industrial AI deployment through software

Jetson AGX Xavier industrial-grade modules are based on the support of NVIDIA CUDA-X accelerated computing stack and JetPack SDK. It is a fully software-defined platform that can realize cloud-native functions. NVIDIA's CUDA-X acceleration, free production-ready pre-trained models on NGC, and the NVIDIA migration learning toolkit provide developers with a shortcut to build and deploy deep learning and AI training and inference systems.

Through Jetson AGX Xavier industrial-grade modules and JetPack, customers can use cloud-native technology for orchestration and management on-site, so as to easily maintain and update rugged and critical safety systems.

Supply situation

The new Jetson AGX Xavier industrial-grade module is now open for ordering and will be available in late July. Developers can start using the Jetson AGX Xavier Developer Kit, download JetPack, and use all the documents on the NVIDIA Jetson website to design today to build the smartest edge and embedded systems for their industrial applications.